Improving Teaching Experience: Capstone Project with Turnitin



Developmental classes in community colleges serve the purpose of preparing students for college level courses in specific subjects. During the spring of 2015, we underwent a project with Turnitin to further explore the unique needs of instructors and students in the context of developmental writing classes. The overall goal of the project was to find out what needs should be addressed and what opportunities should be exploited in order to improve the experience of participating in a developmental writing class.

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Capstone Project with Turnitin during the spring and summer semesters of 2015 – Turnitin | LightSide, Pittsburgh, PA; Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA


The Team

  • Chien-Yu Chang – Project Coordinator
  • Yujing Tian – Lead Designer
  • Vikram Kamath – Lead Developer
  • Fei Yu – Lead Researcher
  • Timmy Burkhart – Lead Content Designer


My Role

Lead Content Designer

  • Conducted user research, including thinkalouds, contextual interviews, classroom observations
  • Used flow, cultural influence, and sequence models to identify key breakdowns and opportunities in the design space
  • Brainstormed product solutions, and created storyboards to evaluate the user needs
  • Wireframed the experience of the user and conducted rapid usability testing


The Project
To learn more about the project, check out the Ferrite Learning website here.


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